Plase, remove the USA flags form my new tab window

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I am from the UK. I still dont have the option to set my locale lads. Everything i get is news from the US which i dont really care, and even the temperature in Farenheit - useless to me. 

This is awful because today is Remembrance Day. Instead of putting a field of poppies or something like that, you just blasted us with american flags. Our King George V sent his soldiers to fight for a cause, and all I get is a flag of a place across the pond. Our flag isnt the Stars and Stripes. Our flag is the Union Jack, and we shall fight for it. For God, King and Country.




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in my experience with Edge insider canary, it uses my IP address to detect my locale and show me relevant content, I tested different countries on Edge insider using VPNs.
but it could also be getting its information from the settings in here:

so like if the language in there is set to "English (United states)" instead of "English", I think it means you get the US version of news.

about the weather, try setting the correct unit in here see if it changes anything:

@HotCakeX  Im behind an UK ip address.


But your suggestion using edge://settings/languages did. Many thanks, now i've got my Royal Navy Reservist Richard Davies there. Many thanks chap!

That's great, you're welcome :)



Now added the ability to change the location for news content on the new tab page in Version 81.0.387.0

you can now change it to UK :)

More info: