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I just placed a few small orders on eBay for some charging cables, etc. I add the item to the cart, enter in my payment/shipping details and then click on the 'Confirm and Pay,' and the next page it loads is attached.


You'll see the multiple Russian words in the header, to the right of the eBay logo. I ordered everything via not an overseas site at all.


Has to be a bug of some sort? Can anyone replicate this? If any other details are needed just ask. Using latest EdgeChromium from last Friday ( but upon looking at the Help About, it's downloading a new build...on a Tuesday???

P.S. Login to eBay and there will be a popup for a $5 coupon that is good until July 1st. Maybe it's for new users like me, but five bucks is five bucks.

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The issue just seems to be related to your Ebay default lanugage.


Please Sign out of Ebay

Navigate to and login to your account


Also under make sure location is set your country.


Thank you




I did some research through Ebay forums, and online. This issue itself is

related to eBay and not your browser in most cases.


If you want to check Microsoft Edge Dev/Canary language settings first:

  • Click Settings and more ( three dots ) on the top right corner of the browser
  • Then click Settings
  • Under Settings go to the Language tab
  • You can change your language preferences here

The eBay forums have a very long list of solutions, here are some of them:

Majority of users of eBay had their problem fixed by calling or emailing eBay.

I'm located in the US so I got to, login, place an order...and it doesn't work properly on EdgeDev because I've not set my default language? Does it not detect that I'm in the US and is uses English by default or pull the default language from the browser?

I would 'think' the .com and sites are both English languages. Why would I need to use the UK site and then set my default country from there?

Am I missing something? It doesn't make sense to me.

Looks like @Deleted beat me to the punch. 


I agree with Daves steps. If you have problems after I would contact eBay.




You don't need to change the .com unless you were browsing locally from a different country that is different from your account settings.


As far as what I read so far, eBay will pull language preference and other settings from your account setting with them, not the browser.