pinned vertical tabs button at top and reverse tabs

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Now vertical tabs button jumps up and down when you click, make it pinned at top-left of edge maybe a better solution.



and newer tabs go down as open order. it makes new tab button moving too. If we reverse the order, make newer tabs at top, it will be more comfortable and humanful. 







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are you talking about vertical tab icon or tabs in vertical tabs sidebar? because tabs are the ones that usually jump around, not the vertical tab icon itself, it's fixed.
I completely agree. It makes much more sense to have the new tab button at the top of the vertical tab list, and the tabs in 'reverse' order so the oldest would be at the bottom. Otherwise you can't see the latest ones - you have to continually scroll down to see them. And you can't see the new tab button if there are lots of tabs. Please provide the option to choose having the new tab button at the top, and an option to have the tabs with the newest at the top please - ie reverse order - what would be on the left in the horizontal position, at the bottom, not the top, on the vertical position.
Ok the new tab button doesn't entirely fall off the end but it is right at the bottom of the page. Surely it would be better to have the 'Turn off vertical tabs' button at the bottom, and the new tabs button at the top.
Or leave the vertical tabs button where it is on the top toolbar. Why move it's position at all?

@szthanatosI'd love to see this change!


In vertical-tab mode, I agree, I'd like to see sites listed most-recently opened at the top, and oldest-opened at the bottom; likewise, in horizontal-tab mode the newest should be the leftmost tab, and the oldest the rightmost tab: so instead of the current 1-2-3-4 order, it should be 4-3-2-1.


Even Internet Explorer offered such an option: