Pinned tabs usability issues

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I'm loving the current Edge build a lot! In most regards it works fantastically well and feels really polished compared to its predecessor. That being said, pinned tabs currently have a few usability issues:


  • They are very narrow. While I understand the purpose of pinned tabs is to save space, the idea is also to pin tabs that represent very commonly accessed webpages - so you will be clicking them all the time. With this in mind, making them ~50% wider by adding left and right side padding would go a long way in making them much easier to use.
  • The leftmost pinned tab has a space on the left of it which cannot be clicked - this makes it harder to use by requiring much greater mouse precision rather than just swiping the cursor into the top-left corner. I am assuming this might be intentional as a way to drag the window, but most browsers have a toggleable setting for this since a large majority of users run their main browser window maximized at all times anyway.

As someone who makes very extensive use of pinned tabs, resolving these issues would go a huge way in making Edge more usable at the moment. 

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Thank you for these suggestions, @ivarhill.  Usability, with mice, fingers, caret browsing, whatever else you use is very important to us.  I will make sure that the right teams see this feedback.

@Elliot Kirk Thank you for the reply! It makes me happy to see that suggestions get noticed and acknowledged :)

Hi all, if I may add to this discussion on Pinned tabs. I am on Version (Official build) canary (64-bit). I pin a tab, or a number of tabs. I close Edge, and re-open it. The pinned tabs are there as expected. However, if I close Edge (Default browser) and click on a link (URL) in Outlook, Edge opens the link, but any pinned tabs are gone. I can repeat this behavior consistently.


I have also noticed this behaviour. The same happens if you right click any link and select "open in new window". The selected link opens in the new window, the pinned tabs are gone. If you then close all EdgeChrom windows and relaunch with the app icon, the pinned tabs have been lost.

Hi, @Elliot Kirk . 


RE: Usability issues with pinned tabs, I hope you will also note the disappearing pinned tabs issues reported in this thread. Like @davequail and @zargonzargon , I can create pinned tabs that persist after closing and re-opening EdgeDev. However, when I click on an html link in an email or startup app (like News, etc.) when EdgeDev is closed, the link opens properly in a new EdgeDev window/tab, but my pinned tabs and homepage tab do not. After closing the linked tab in the new EdgeDev window, the next time I open EdgeDev my homepage tab opens, but my formerly pinned tabs are gone, forcing me to re-create them. The disappearing pinned tabs happens consistently when opening an html link from outside of the EdgeDev app. 


Thanks for passing this on to the EdgeDev team. They are doing a great job so far, and I really like this chromium version of Edge. 

@ivarhill, | @Elliot Kirk 

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