Picture-in-picture volume control and clickable icon

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Chromium browsers used to have a volume control on the PiP window, and a progress bar. These have disappeared from many of them, except Vivaldi and Opera. Adding them to Edge would be a competitive advantage. 


Another improvement would be to add a small icon somewhere in the video player (when it's still on the page) that would allow a user to left-click to pop the video out. Vivaldi has this now. The icon can appear only when the mouse hovers over the video player.

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"I have asked Vivaldi for this feature enhancement as well. It will be interesting to see who gets there first! :)"
Many users have asked Vivaldi for this feature, but it seems that they have no interest in it.
I still use Opera as my default browser. I also like Vivaldi, but I think there is still a bit to go until they reach Opera level.
So would I, obviously. I think it responds to a real need. As YouTube and other video platforms host longer and longer programming, it becomes more important to be able to easily pop out the video and be able to control it while multi-tasking.