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Hello I would like to know if it's possible to set the pdf viewer background from microsoft edge beta to dark mode, since the light mode is really annoying.


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@CP_LucciI wonder if Dark mode is turned on your PC if not turn it on and see if it works if already on please tell me!

If that didn't work follow these steps.

1. Press the Menu button. (circled red)


2.Press the menu button and then press the settings button


3. On Choose theme choose a preferred theme.




Hope this helped!

OP is talking about Edge beta (Chromium based), your gifs and pics are about the Edge legacy (EdgeHTML)



this is a good suggestion to be implemented but currently the new Edge insider browser can't change the background of the PDF files.


so for example when viewing a PDF




you can't change the white background in the PDF file itself.

you can only change the sides to either white or black and it can happen from the Edge settings:



again this is a good suggestion and I hope developers implement it.

there are 3rd party PDF viewers such as Adobe and Foxit PDF readers that support this feature.

@Glucksritter  I already did that but my problem is that when I open a pdf the windows is white even in darkmode. Maybe it's a bug?

algebra-lineal-transparencies (2).pdf and 2 more pages - Personal - Microsoft Edge 12_01_2020 17_30_08.png

How did you get the sides of the pdf to be dark? when I open it it shows in light mode even when dark mode is activated?
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hmm yes it could be a bug, all PDFs are like that?

also try Canary channel, it has more features
Yea. Ill download the canary and see if it works

@HotCakeX  It did! thanks for the help!

Nice, you're welcome :)
please use the feedback button on top of the browser (Edge beta) to report the bug