PDF text deformed

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@Deleted Sometimes like in this pic edge pdf text blur.pngthe text appears disfigured and when it is selected it appears fine. Here is this pic after o of or, I had selected text using mouse and then the text became clear. See the difference between left and right of o in or. Pass the feedback to appropriate team to fix it.

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I have been having a problem where characters in a PDF are deformed i.e. missing portions of the character. I recently acquired a new printer and thought it was the printer and finally figured out that it is the edge pdf viewer software doing this.

I switched to make adobe pdf reader the default application and problem is solved!


Why MS lets this go on and on is a bit more than concerning!

@posinha Couldn't the devs just add the option for those that don't need the highlighters, to use the better pdf viewer from chromium (Chrome and Firefox don't have this bug)? Just hide it in the settings, if you think people would get confused, no need to debug the current pdf viewer. Anyone that doesn't have a touchscreen probably never uses the highlighter anyways. Please just give us the option, because this is bugging me so much, and we've known about this for a while.