PDF selecting & highlighting issues in Edge chromium

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There seems to be an issue with selecting text (consequently highlighting as well) in Edge chromium's pdf viewer. When I select text on certain PDFs, the viewer only highlights the text characters, ignoring the spacing in-between. 

I'm currently using Edge Dev 86.0.608.2

Below is a side-by-side comparison of text selection behavior in Edge Legacy vs. Edge Chromium


edge PDFreader.png


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Hi there, you are welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider Community Hub!

I also don't like it. I would recommend you to send feedback about it through the in-app feedback tool in Microsoft Edge (Alt+Shift+I) with the diagnostics attached in order to help the Microsoft Edge dev team to change it as soon as possible.


Hey! thanks for the advice I'll do that too

Yeah I miss the edge legacy's top notch pdf abilities & legacy's browser scrollbar