PDF scrolling takes long to render new part. They are left blank and then updated.

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Please see the attached gif.

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@ZZYSonny I noticed the same issue when the beta is out. Really surprised no one else pointed this out.

@ZZYSonny +1 I see the same behavior. Tagging @Deleted so that it can be conveyed to the appropriate team.

Same issue. I hesitate while scrolling because I know I will be seeing half blank pages. 


Also, the text selection behavior in PDFs is not like in webpages. And I heard someone who wanted webpage text to be more like windows so this goes further back.


The fonts are faint and blurry, not crisp, sharp, dark like the original edge.

@ZZYSonny  Am actually not too certain that this can be fixed by MS.


It is just the way the browser renders webpages not as a whole bur rather in bits.


EdgeHTML used to render the whole webpage/pdf as a single image. This is a very rudimentary way of explaining it but that was one of the major advantages of the MS approach.