PDF problem: highlight, bookmark, and read text

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I had been using Edge Browser as my default PDF viewer for the past 3 years. After installing the new version of edge, I've got disappointed by it lacks many pdf features such as: 


  1. Auto highlight option and color when blocking the text/phrases on pdf
  2. Ability to navigate through the bookmark
  3. And the ability to read pdf text using audio.

The reason why I used Edge because it has higher stability than most of the other pdf readers. It scrolls smoothly and much simpler than most of the browsers. 


Now I'm using Foxit Reader which has a lot better features but lacks stability when scrolling through pages. I hope those missing features are coming to Edge as soon as possible because I'm tired of searching and using another pdf reader. 


Help me, developers, you're my only hope :loudly_crying_face:


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those PDF functionalities are planned to come to the new Edge.

on the Top feedbacks list, you can see that all of them have "planned" status.



Also as devs said, it's best to Also send feedbacks through feedback button on Edge :)

Thankyou, I hope they drop it soon :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:@HotCakeX