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How to actually OPEN a pdf in acrobat?  I have tried the setting:2019-09-12 08_55_17-Window.png


The settings says open PDF files externally however it does not open it saves/downloads the file where you then have to open it manually from explorer.  When this setting is enabled it shows you a blank page to click on download, displays a file explorer save dialog, it downloads and then at the bottom will show you it completed and an open file link, if you click that link it does the whole process over again never actually opens acrobat.  Yes acrobat is my system default pdf.  


In other browsers when i click on a pdf link it automatically opens adobe showing me the pdf file without having to download first.  


Dummy PDF test link: https://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/tests/xhtml/testfiles/resources/pdf/dummy.pdf


Can edge be setup to actually open with default pdf handler?  If not can the setting at least be worded right and at the very lest when clicking the open file link after download let it actually open the file in the system default handler?



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If Adobe wants to to enable its users to open PDF files using their programs instead of the browser, they should develop a proper extension.
They have this official extension you can try:

for your last request it's related to this part here:

"Provide run / open / save / save as options when downloading files"
which is "under review"

once they add it, it's gonna let you open your PDF files with one click.

More extensions you can try, the idea is to get the Edge recognize the installed Adobe reader and that has to be done with extensions:




Also if it works on Google Chrome, it is very likely that it will work on Edge insider as well, it's just a matter of extensions and plugins.