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Just a list of nice little touches that are missing in the new Edge PDF inking experience, as compared to the old Edge, and which would be nice to implement:

  1. There was an option to allow inking input from only the pen and not touch, allowing the user to scroll with touch and ink with pen. Very useful feature. In the new Edge, when inking is turned on, it accepts both pen and touch input at once.
  2. A smoothing filter was applied to strokes in the old Edge: strokes in the new Edge are wobblier and thus less readable
  3. There was some amount of pressure sensitivity and/or falloff tapering of strokes in the old Edge, again making things more readable in the old one.

Thanks for all your work improving the new Edge!

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Thank you @The_Markhor for sharing.

Some of these feedbacks are known and Microsoft Edge team are working on them.

I also recommend you to share these feedbacks through feedback option inside Microsoft Edge.

Looks like #1 has been implemented. Any news on #2 or 3? Makes it difficult to use inking on the new Edge over the old edge when my already bad writing looks even worse!

@nolanblew Do you need to enable the fix for #1 somewhere in the settings? For me, it still draws lines when I use my finger instead of scrolling, which drives me crazy. 


Overall, albeits the continuous additions to the inking feature, I still find it terrible and try to use my company laptop which still has the old Egde on it. If find it really hard to write stuff that is even barely readable using the new Edge, because not only there is that really poor smoothing thing going on for not-completed strokes, but the strokes also move slightly when releasing the pen and the curves it produces in the end are just worse than what the UWP inking canvas produces, which was probably used in the old Edge.