PDF inking and saving to current file

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Nice that some of the functionality of the old edge has been added, but some are still missing.

  • Inking is very basic. It can not be set to draw only by pen, it always responds also to touch and mouse. I used to ink by pen and scroll by touch on my Surface, now it's impossible
  • When save button is pressed, it saves new file, instead of saving changes to current file

These two problems make inking annoying a lot and actually make Edge useless for this purpose.

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I don't have a touch device but your 2nd issue is definitely annoying for me as a M/KB user too

@j-sind I agree. The inking is not smooth. The characters inked correct to ones with sharp, ugly borders rather that picking up the input as it is and therefore make the input extremely unappealing. The numerical value of thickness of the pen, which was available on Edge Classic is definitely missed since it helped maintain the consistency of the thickness of the written text.

Scrolling the pages of the document results in scribbles on it due to the touch-input which make it very cumbersome to use Edge as a tool to view & edit documents with ease.

Also, post-update, the previous edits & additions to the text in writing have changed.

And attempting to save the file results in creation of a new file which is definitely a turn off.

Kindly look into this. The classic Edge featured were more favorable and easy to use for the editing of a file.