PDF files not opening in Edge Dev

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In version and a couple of versions prior to that, Edge Dev hangs trying to open most PDF files when those files are double-clicked in the Windows File Explorer. Edge Dev is set as the default application for PDF files. Dragging and dropping a PDF file onto Edge Dev seems to work more reliably. This was all working perfectly fine two or three weeks ago. Thanks. Jeff.

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@Dr. Jeffry A. Spain - thanks for reporting this. This is a known issue & was fixed in Canary channel last week. The fix should be coming soon to Dev channel.


@Dr. Jeffry A. Spain - this should now be fixed in the latest dev channel build -


@Balaje_Krishnan Yes, thanks, I confirmed that this is fixed in I've been using Edge Dev as my default browser for a couple of months now. It's working really well overall.


I'll add one more comment. When Edge Dev is launched from a built-in administrator account, it displays the message "Administrator Mode Detected: Close Microsoft Edge and relaunch in non-administrator mode for best performance." I'd like to be able to turn this warning off in the Edge Dev settings. It's my usual practice (and I imagine that of a lot of other system administrators) to sign into Windows servers as a built-in administrator. I'd rather use Edge Dev than the ancient Internet Explorer, and I'd rather not use a third-party browser. I'll stipulate to the pros and cons in terms of security vs. ease of use of logging onto a server as a built-in administrator.


Thanks. Jeff.