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Hi everyone! Congratulations on the great work being made on the dev version of edge. 

I'd like to ask for something I really love and use a lot in the regular edge: the pdf annotation features. It is a really simple and effective highlighter that can be saved easily in the computer's pdf files. I think it would be no problem to add it to the developer version, since the pdf reader is already there, it just doesn't have the highlighting features yet.

Thanks a lot! I hope this can be implemented.

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Hi @itaita1610, we are still working on our PDF story, and we are still looking for feedback.  How often do you use the PDF annotation tool?  If it was available as an extension would that meet your needs? The answers to these questions will help us get the right features out in the right priority.  Thank you in advance.

@Elliot Kirk Hi Elliot, I am sorry for the late reply! I still use edge (the non dev version) as my main pdf reader/annotations maker. It suits me well because the files open as tabs in the browser and the annotation feature is simple and effective and I don't need to have a side pdf program (those usually come with a lot of features beyond annotations). 

I tried checking out the pdf related chrome extensions (beyond those in the dev version microsoft store) and tested 3 of them and they all had the same issue: you couldn't make annotations directly in the computer's files, you'd have to upload the file into the cloud and the annotations would be only available through the extension. If the feature came through an extension, it would be more effective, at least for me, that the annotations could be saved directly into the pc's pdf files.

Thank you very much for reading the users inputs! I appreciate it! 

@Elliot Kirk I think this should be in the core. If you see the other issues about Inking/Annotation, all of them have the highest praise for that feature, and spinning this off as an extension will definitely gimp it's functionality and hamper discoverability.

Hi @Elliot Kirk ,

Please make the PDF annotation a core feature of the Edge browser. This feature is the most prominent in the Edge, and making it as an extension does not sense. Plus people will not notice it if it is in the core, making the feature go in vain. A feature like the Grammar Tools can go as an extension like it was for the old Edge, but the Annotation tools shouldn't be...

Hello everyone

We are using the "onenote like" annotation feature for the traditional Edge very intensiv with our productivity tool based on Powerapps, Flow and SharePoint. Our employees gets orders from the app. The app uses PDF's from the ERP System. These configuration lists need to be annotated in browser directly. Direct Integration would be great, but an extentions would also be possible to deploy.

Thank you for your work on the chromium edge!