Payments credit card info form missing Card Security Code field

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Credit card info form missing field for Card Security Code. So when conducting an online transaction you need to look at the credit card to enter the Card Security Code. It makes no sense to omit this field from the form.




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That's for your good because if someone else who is not trusted gets a chance to use your computer or someone steals your device and goes to a payment page, then Edge would recommend to fill in your card and if Edge had the option to save the security code, your security pin would be automatically filled in and the transaction would occur. I know there is then the option of One Time Password (OTP) before the transaction would occur but it is recommended by banks and security cells that you should not tell it to anyone, write it or save it and also the CVV is a three-digit number so it should be easy remember.

@TheShaunSaw thanks for the response. In my opinion the Card Security Code field should be added to the form as an option which allows the user to decide to enter it or not.

I do understand the concerns you raised but if someone steals my device and/or computer I will have worse things to worry about then my credit card information being compromised.