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There is a problem with passwords on whatever Microsoft Browser i use. I have been using Beta, but when i try another Microsoft Browser, all the passwords i saved in Beta are not transferred to the other browsers. It would be a huge undertaking to find each password because i have hundreds and transfer that data to each browser i use. Isn't there a way you can sync the passwords to any Microsoft Browser used? For every password i want to find you have to put in username and password just to get that 1 password, so it would be so much easier if they were synced. Otherwise, i will just stay here and pray you never delete Beta Browser.  Thanks, Stephanie 

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The new Edge browser has 4 channels. 1 stable and 3 insiders.




Insiders: (Beta/Dev/Canary)


you can sync your passwords (and other things) between all 4 channels.




and they will appear in here:







you also have an option to Import your passwords from other Microsoft browsers such as Internet Explorer and legacy Edge to the New Microsoft Edge.