Passwords are randomly disappearing

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Here again with another bug... I noticed my passwords started randomly disappearing. I knew because my frequently visited websites no longer showed any saved passwords and there wasn't an automatic fill in of the login details.

Now the email provider I log in to daily has my main account's password missing. This is big if it's a bug. If there was an option to export and import passwords so I can switch to the most stable version of Edge I'd do that without thinking.

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This is serious. Now 90% of my passwords are gone. This didn't happen until I updated Edge Dev a few days ago.


I've got an exported file from one-two weeks ago with all of my passwords and there are like 1500 but now all that has been left is under 20. 

Hi there, I am suggesting you send feedback by clicking the in-built feedback option in Microsoft Edge by clicking send feedback (Alt+Shift+I) in the ellipsis menu>help and feedback>send feedback. Also, try sending a diagnostic log. By doing this method, Microsoft's team can review this issue with more information.