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I am a new user to Edge having previously used Microsoft Explorer and whilst I am generally very impressed with Edge, I am concerned that on the Settings --> Profiles --> Passwords page, there is the ability to view all the passwords that I have allowed the browser to automatically save.  If someone borrows / steals my computer this means they can instantly see all of my passwords which is obviously a major security / privacy issue. 


It there a way of switching this feature off or password protecting the passwords ?  I like the ability for the computer to remember passwords - I just don't want other people to see them !

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Can you tell which version you are using because in Windows 10, when you click the show password button (eye) beside the password for the first time, Microsoft Edge uses the Windows Hello functionality and asks pin, face recognition or fingerprint according to the hardware support or what you have selected?


You can disable the Save Passwords feature by going to the Passwords page in settings and turning the offer to save passwords toggle off.

@TheShaunSaw   Ah that could explain it as I am using version 85.0.564.18 beta on Windows 7.


As I said, I like the Save Passwords feature - I am just concerned that it is not secure enough.


Hmm..., There can be a feature where you click the show password (eye) button for the first time and it opens the windows where it asks the system account password but I cannot tell whether it can be possible or not.

I would recommend you to send this feedback through the in-app feedback tool (Alt+Shift+I) in Microsoft Edge with the diagnostics attached for the engineers to look after this issue.

Tagging @Deleted, our community manager to please further look into this issue.

@TheShaunSaw  Thanks Shaun - Happy to do that but what do you mean by "diagnostics attached" - is there a special diagnotics report I am supposed to run ?


By Diagnostics attached, I mean to check-mark the send diagnostic data option (which is done by default) in the in-app feedback window when you send the feedback.