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I have installed the new Edge (Version 79.0.309.71 (Official build) (64-bit)) and am having trouble with the password manager and self-signed certs.



I am a network admin for a large college and need to access a large number of internal web-based management portals. Because we are a public education institution we don't have tens of thousands of $ for the hundreds of individual certificates so we bought a single wildcard certificate (* This has worked for most of our internal servers, the exception being Cisco Unified Communication Servers that do not allow wildcard certificates. For those servers we simply generate self-signed certificates and then import those into the trusted root on all college owned pc's. That worked just fine in IE, legacy Edge, Firefox and Chrome.



But the password manager in the new Edge refuses to save or use previously saved usernames and passwords on these web portals that have self-signed certs



These servers are our own servers installed on our own hardware and reside on our own private management network. We know for a fact they are safe.


The self-signed certs are up to date and valid. When you click on "Site Information" in the address bar and then open the certificate, the cert has all valid information and the certificate status is OK but Edge still lists the cert as invalid in the address bar. Edge is wrong, the certs are valid just self-signed.


I realize that Cisco could fix this by allowing wildcard certs for their UCM web portals but I can still access them by allowing the security exception. Once I allow a security exception the password manager should work (IMHO).

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install the latest version, it's version 80.0.361.62



I installed that version but the issue still exists.