Password Manager issue in v114 and up

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We're having a weird issue with Password Manager since updating to Edge 114.


It seems when the 'PrimaryPasswordSetting' registry value is set to anything whether manually or via Intune policy, the Password Manager settings page (edge://settings/passwords) becomes completely unresponsive - it doesn't even load. Once in this state, settings must be refreshed to get anything else to work - going back does not work.


As soon as I remove the value and reload Edge, it works again! Very weird!


One of my colleagues who has Edge Canary on v115 says the issue exists in this version also.


Anyone else got the same/similar issue?

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@Happyuppy123 yes seeing the same after changing the setting for the new security baseline.- another person has posted here as well Security baseline for Microsoft Edge version 114 - Microsoft Community Hub I've logged a call but think it will be an update for the fix.

@Jameskennedy we have a seperate config profile controlling individual settings for the password manager and we've tested changing individual settings in this, so not directly related to the baseline change (though it is funny timing I'll admit). Also manipulated the registry value myself and got the same behavior.

I also logged a ticket with MS and received no response whatsoever!