Password Manager in multiple Profiles

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I'm using multiple Profiles and therefore I have several Password Managers in Edge. So for Sites I might need in more than one Profile I must store the credentials there too.
Would it be possible to give us the option to have a Password Manager (e.g. for my Microsoft Account) also be the Password manager for my Office365 / other Microsoft Account?!

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you already have a password manager for your Microsoft account. they are all saved in Edge:

each Microsoft account has 1 universal password manager.
each Edge profile can only be connected to 1 Microsoft account. if you for example have 3 Edge profiles, you need 3 Microsoft accounts (work/personal) for them (if you want to have sync features etc.)


I know and already using it. But what I would like to achieve is that I could use the password manager for my Microsoft Account also in my Office365 Account. 
This would make it easier because you wouldn't have to make those entries multiple times and you wouldn't have to update passwords in multiple locations.

Yes, that would be definitely useful, and also secure since it's done server-side.