Password Generation and Password Reveal are Not working

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Password Generation and Password Reveal are Not working


I've enabled this flag which was disabled by default:

Show autofill signatures.

Annotates web forms with Autofill signatures as HTML attributes. Also marks password fields suitable for password generation. – Mac, Windows



but that didn't change anything. there isn't any other flags left related to this issue to turn on.

the reveal Icon does not appear in any password fields and also right-clicking on password fields does not offer an option to generate a strong password.


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Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)


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Hi @HotCakeX, I don't believe that this is one of our flags, so I am not surprised that it isn't making any noticeable changes in the current Microsoft Edge Canary builds.  Thanks - Elliot

oh so it's another one of those flags slipped out. in that case please take Password Generation and Password Reveal features into consideration. thank you!
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My feedback (sent using smiley button), which was basically the same text in my post, got a reply from Microsoft today:


1. Password Generator: We currently have not enabled this feature in Microsoft Edge. This Feature Flag is only used to collect information about web forms for improving Autofill experience. Enabling the same will not turn on Password Generator. We are currently working on a few solutions - although it's not possible to give an estimate of when this feature will be made available behind a flag.

2. Password Reveal: Passwords are blinded (not presented in plain text) to prevent what are known as 'shoulder surfing' attacks. The only way you can currently view them is in Settings, after due authentication (entering your OS credentials that verify it's the actual owner interested in viewing them). Sometimes, certain websites offer a 'Reveal' functionality.  



Wow. You got reply from mS. I never got any on this matter. I was afraid that we wont get any password generator and already searched for good alternative because I relying too much on Chrome generation tool. Hope it will happen soon.
Fortunately and Luckily, Microsoft Employees are very kind and active on this forum and they visit and reply to people's posts everyday :)

You can read more about this matter in here



Something I found in my settings a moment ago...

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@Dennis5mile found the same option here as well...

Is it suggesting passwords for you?

Haven't tried it yet....