Password fill issues on 80.0.361.48


Since updating to Beta 80.0.361.48, I've noticed some sites such as UserVoice are now prefilling my logon name in to form fields that are not the logon name. When I submit the form, it asks me if I want to save my new credentials. I don't want to clear the credentials but I'm finding it annoying that UserVoice specifically starts looking for suggestions with my logon name in them as soon as the page loads. The field on Uservoice is NOT called anything remotely like user name or logon name etc and it only started since I updated the beta build version. It is not doing it on the live build.


The HTML for the field on UserVoice is:


<input uv-persist-item="title" type="search" name="suggestion[title]" id="suggestion_title" class="uvFieldText" data-ajax-url="/forums/11111-test/search" value="" maxlength="140" autocomplete="off" data-lpignore="true">

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just to check, you aren't using any 3rd party password managers like lastpass, right?
Okay, by default Edge start looking for saved data (autofill, addresses etc) when you are on a website unless these are turned off:
"Offer to save passwords"
"Sign in automatically"

"Save and fill addresses"

there is also this flag you can try:

Fill passwords on account selection
Filling of passwords when an account is explicitly selected by the user rather than autofilling credentials on page load. – Mac, Windows


also look for the Uservoice data in
(either email, username or password) and delete it if you want
I want it to autofill and I want it to save passwords so I’m not turning those off.

I’ve cleared UserVoice from saved passwords and it just offered to save new credentials with my idea title as the user name.

As you can see, auto fill is turned off on the particular text fields.

It only started since the latest beta update.