Password and 2FA

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I would like to have in the edge a way to sync my 2FA account to my microsoft account, i use 2FA on the mobile application ("Microsoft Authenticator"), but it not synced like Authy.


so i would love to have a way to sync my 2FA account (like google) directly on my edge (because if i broke my smartphone or lost it i lost my 2FA Key)

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I am not an expert on this at all, but I think being able to sync 2 factor authentication data with a 3rd party provider and access it through the web would defeat the purpose of 2FA.

But maybe I am misinterpreting what you mean ^^"


Sorry if you already know this, but since you mentioned the issue of losing your device, I thought maybe you didn't ^^"

If you do lose or otherwise make your 2FA device unavailable there are usually security measures to get back into a good state. It could be through a unique recovery key, you usually can get a copy of from the place you enabled 2FA, but it can also be some secondary device being sent a recovery code. Some services will let you access the recovery keys several times, others will only allow you to copy it during initial setup.


not realy because the authy function is End 2 End encrypted with zero knowledge from them (for extenal 2fa)