Painted Full screen Browser controls

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@Deleted @MissyQ @posinha  Just updated the canary to version 85.0.563.0 and when I did full screen the browser, I was shocked. Full screen controls.png  This is how the new browser controls look. And this is how the legacy browser controls look.  sauravyad500_0-1593660619712.png   Please make the controls look like edge legacy. The middle button is abnormally large.


More of it, chromium edge browser controls are simply drawn and not real window browser controls. They are just simulated to act as browser controls by taking mouse click events in the area as input.


I got to know all this when the browser controls were simply static and not getting focussed on mouse hover.


Suggestion: You are developing a polished browser, and these painted controls won't simply be appealing. Also, this would hurt the performance of the browser. You are using desktop API right. Instead, you could have used window controls in full-screen mode with just the middle button changed to toggle button.


Please take note of this and change these buttons from painted to actual buttons. Why do you take the overhead of handling input and focus? Even Mozilla firefox has real window controls in full-screen mode.

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