Overbloated context menus

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So, today I seem to be back in 2005 - at the peak of the heyday of overbloated user interfaces and all kinds of toolbars, to these good IE days...









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Yeah it's getting way out of control, I've submitted feedback before but never received any response that they are working on it.

and that list keeps growing bigger than bigger every time a feature is added

@msekmfb1 I sent feedback for this in August or September when i tried new edge. I use 4 extensions that take a place in context menu and it was really a mess even before 88 update but now the context menu takes up my whole webpage. Being the only reason i have moved away from edge. I also have a 15.6inch laptop which I use with scaling set to 125% and trust me edge looks way too ugly with the thick tablet UI and especially that context menu. I am away from edge until devs realise this and implement a change.

100%. Half of the context menu useless too. Sadly. Please add option edit context menu.