Outlook Web App title bar isn't dark when dark mode is enabled

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I'm using Windows 7 (not by choice) and Edge Canary 80.0.323.0. All other web apps work fine. This behavior started happening a month or so ago. I've tried deleting the web app and still nothing. Anyone else having this? Is there a workaround?

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Hi @joshh 


I have the same version and channel as you, on Windows 10, it's working correctly but I set the dark mode inside outlook settings


Annotation 2019-11-06 171620.png



now it stays in dark mode whether I open outlook.com normally or as a PWA.


@HotCakeX Thanks but dark mode in Outlook isn't the issue. Maybe the below will better describe it. The title bar isn't black even though both Edge Canary and Outlook are set to dark mode. In all other Edge web apps, the title bar is black. Even when going from Excel Online to Outlook within the web app the title bar changes from black to gray.









Thank you for the pictures,

yes you're totally right!

well fortunately or unfortunately, it's happening on Windows 10 latest version too, even though my Edge insider theme and Windows theme are both set to dark mode.


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though before I login, the title bar looks purple which I really like and hope more websites do this.


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so like Outlook set the title bar to dark, or Spotify because of its greenish theme, set the title bar to green, Facebook could set it to blue and so on.