Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word Version 1.0?!

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on my home computer, I have Microsoft Office 365, but recently, I notice there are also separate icons in the Control Panel Program and Features applet for Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel & Word, with Version number 1.0. I don't know where they come from and I can't uninstall them. They are also present in the metro style Apps & Features Settings. And they cannot be uninstalled from there either. 


Control Panel > Programs and Features:


Metro Apps & features settings





In the Start menu, I don't see these 1.0 versions, only the "normal" Office applications. 


If I choose uninstall from e.g. Word 1.0 from the Apps & Features Settings panel, it wants to open the chromium-based Edge - but even if I choose 'Yes', nothing happens, and in the chromium-based Edge, I don't see any installed apps!



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Hi @boossy 

those are PWAs (Progressive web apps), they are referring to the Outlook online, Word online, Excel online and so on. websites that are added as apps in Microsoft Edge all have version 1.


use Edge insider's app panel to view or remove them.

if they are put there by your system administrator (in case of work environment) then you can't do anything about it.


but since you can't see them anywhere, it looks like you had added them previously but then you uninstalled Edge without first removing the apps and now they are left alone as orphan apps.


you need to go to the Edge insider's install directory and remove them manually


for example I'm using Canary channel and the files you need to delete are here:

%localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge SxS\User Data\Default\Web Applications






Hi @HotCakeX 


I don't use the Edge insider's app, but the Microsoft Edge Stable (Chromium-based). I have rolled back my system to a point in time before the installation of the Chromium-based Edge, and have then re-installed the Chromium-based Edge. The four progressive web apps (Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel & Word) re-appeared. Now I was able to uninstall them.


One more question (or do I have to create a new discussion item?) - I have the new Edge browser on three devices, and only on my laptop at home do these progressive web apps appear after installation. On my Surface and my office pc, Edge installs without the progressive web apps? What triggers the installation of these four progressive Office web apps?


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They shouldn't be automatically installed, it never happened to me.
I have been using Edge insider since its launch, never seen any PWA app install automatically.
I use personal and work account (Office business + E5), tested it on VMs with AAD configuration and Office 365 licenses, still no PWA was created automatically.

It could be a side effect of that "stable" version, which is obviously not ready because Microsoft will officially release it on January 15 2020, 1.5 months from now, so things still aren't quite ready yet.

I have the same problem here on a stable version notebook

How can I remove?



Hi, I was lucky I could roll back my system to a point in time before the installation of the Chromium-based Edge. I then re-installed the Chromium-based Edge. The four progressive web apps (Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel & Word) re-appeared, but then I was able to uninstall them! Strange!


Question: does your Edge have multiple user profiles?



I found out that the apps that are shown in Programs and Features (classic control panel) Apps & features (modern Settings), are stored in the following registry key:





Look for the subkey which contains the DisplayName string value you want to delete, and delete that subkey.


Then the app will disappear from the control panel / settings.


We're seeing this on a number of systems now with both Dev and Stable installs!


@josh_bodner @MissyQ 
Is there any official response on what's going on with this? It's super confusing to users to suddenly have two copies of these Apps when full Office Desktop is installed!


Screenshot 2020-08-21 145316.png

Adding @Deleted as well.  @Ed Sparks , can you figure out which of your Edge installs those apps are for?  That'll be a good place to start narrowing things down.  It would also be good to know, once you figure out which Edge they're for, whether or not they show up in the ... > Apps list in that Edge install. 

@josh_bodner @Deleted 

I'm not sure I'm understanding "which of your Edge installs" you mean?
Various computers running both the current Stable and Dev builds of Edge.


Yes, they show up in the Settings Apps list on those computers as well.



@Ed Sparks sorry, I meant channels.  Are they in Dev or Stable, or both?  

@Ed Sparks Strange, I opened this issue in november 2019. The issue didn't re-occur... until today - strange - and this on a "stable" release, not a "preview" version:


Recently addedRecently addedPrograms and FeaturesPrograms and Features

I have the same issue as you see from screenshot@boossy 





@garbak I will reply to myself for this information.  I uninstalled these 1.0's last evening 12/27/2020 after the screenshot.   All these 1.0's came back today 12/28/2020 after an automatic update.

@boossy  Hello boosy, I uninstalled the 1.0's after first screenshot 12/27/20.  The 1.0's cameback after the automatic update on 12/28/20 as you see in my second screenshot the 12/28/20 screenshot.

Just did a new Win 10 install and these apps are pushed automatically into Add/Remove programs, and I already have licensed MS OA apps. Please FFS MS can you please stop all these auto drops into our laptops - its as if we do not have enough time to do anything already and you load us with all these bull crap. now I have to google how to remove these **bleep**.