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Good morning,

One of my co-workers is currently experiencing an issue when starting Outlook for the first time in the morning. After a few seconds, Edge will open up and attempt to go to https://outlook.office.com, but it never loads. This started occurring a month ago. It appears to be related to having Outlook on the web disabled within Office365. With that setting enabled, Edge did not even attempt to load the website when Outlook was started. I don't want to leave that setting enabled, so has anyone else experience this and figured out how to fully resolve it?


I originally posted this question on the Microsoft Community, and they pointed me this direction.

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@Chris_Yerkey Try this:

  1. On the Edge sidebar, click the Settings icon (looks like a gear).
  2. In the Apps and notifications settings, click Outlook.
  3. In the section for “Automatically open Outlook email context in the side pane” section, turn off this option (slide the black dot in the icon on the right side to the left).
  4. Close Edge.
  5. Close and reopen Outlook 365.  The Edge window should no longer open.

I have the same issue and this did not fix it @Chris_Hollandsworth 

@JTLECLAIR Make sure Outlook is set as your default email app in Control Panel.  You can find this under "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs", then click "Set your default programs".  Under Email, select Outlook from the choices. 

Yes I have done this too. switched it from "email" to "outlook" edge still attempts to open OWA when outlook is launched. I have tried turning OWA off in the admin settings as well. nothing is working
Anyone knows which GPO value manages this setting please ?
Thanks Chris, this was driving me to distraction. I've no idea how I enabled it in the first place!