Outlook.com randomly refreshing page (Edge Dev)

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I'm currently using Edge Version 89.0.767.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit) on Linux Mint 19.3, and I have outlook.com installed as an Edge progressive web app. I've been noticing an issue where the page will refresh after a few seconds - for example, from the inbox view I select the calendar, and begin to add a new event, but the app will refresh and bring me back to the default/Inbox view.  Has anyone else observed this behavior on Linux (or any other OS)?


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@mfcallahan I have been seeing the same thing for a number of builds and have submitted feedback. If you have not already submitted feedback (Alt-Shift-I) or submitted a support request (Submit a request (microsoftedgeinsider.com)), it may help the team to have more information if you do.



Thanks for the reply, glad to know it's not just me! I have submitted feedback regarding this issue so hopefully it's on their radar. Other than this, Edge has been great for me on Linux, and Outlook.com installed as an app is a great solution for me over keeping a browser tab open for email, or using a different Email client.

A quick update to this issue - I did receive confirmation from The Microsoft Edge Team that they are looking into the issue per my feedback submission. However, after updating Edge (Dev) to 90.0.782.0 on Linux, this issue seems to have become worse. Not only does outlook.com randomly refresh the page when using the installed progressive web app, open tabs for outlook.com in the browser itself are now randomly refreshing - something I did not observe prior to this latest update. It's become unusable at this point as the frequency of random refreshes is so often that I cannot type more than a few words in an email or calendar event before the page is refreshed and no changes are saved. I'm hoping this gains some traction, because at this point I needed to revert to Firefox for outlook.com to be usable.

@mfcallahan thanks for reporting that. Yes, it looks to me like it has gotten worse recently and is not specific to PWA installs - I'm seeing tabs in the browser refresh as well. However, I'm only seeing it when I am logged in to Outlook in multiple tabs. If I only have one tab, it seems to work as expected.


We are investigating this jointing with the networking and Outlook teams currently.



@johnjansenThanks so much for looking into this, very much appreciated!

@johnjansenLook forward to seeing what you find out. This has definitely become worse in the last build or two. It will even happen in the middle of me writing an email, and I'll lose what I've written (no draft gets created). Seems to be more of a problem with Gmail/G-Suite accounts than the native outlook email account. 


I have a PWA set up for a corporate Outlook account, and that's been stable. It's only my personal accounts in a pinned tab that are an issue. Not sure if it's related, but what I have noticed that's changed with that though is that when I right click the calendar icon to "Open a new Outlook window", it's now opening the email view rather than opening right away with the calendar view, which is what it used to do and what I would expect.


For now I've had to resort to Chrome for Outlook email, as Edge is unusable right now. (I submitted feedback through the browser too)



@johnjansen In the last few builds this seems to be much improved. In addition, a problem I had where outlook.com required me to login each time also seems to be resolved.


I still occasionally see a refresh returning to the mail inbox when I click on the people or calendar icon the first time after starting the outlook.com PWA.


I am currently on Version 90.0.801.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit).

@ms4132 Unfortunately I have not observed any significant change in behavior with Edge dev 90.0.803.0 on Linux. I did not see the same issue with a login prompt each time upon opening the outlook.com PWA, but I still do have the issue with the app randomly refreshing, bringing me back to the default inbox view each time.

Not sure if a recent Edge update (currently using 90.0.818.0 dev 64-bit Linux) or any changes to outlook.com fixed things but I have not noticed the random refresh issues on outlook.com, in either the installed PWA or when viewing outlook.com in a browser tab. It is a much more stable experience, so thank you to whomever at Microsoft may have fixed this! It is very much appreciated by this user. Additionally, I noticed a weird styling quick was fixed in the outllok.com Edge PWA, where the "New event" button in the calendar was not rendering in the correct place.