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Microsoft Defender Browser Protection


Why does this still exist? 


It needs to be udpated

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not outdated, it's for Google Chrome browser users to use defender protections.
those security features are built in Edge but Chrome doesn't have them.
Yeah, I get that part but the graphs are all wrong since outdated logos and also the link below for the 2017 nss labs should be updated

Hey @Deleted! Where did you find the URL? It looks like the main one (browserprotection.microsoft.com) is redirecting appropriately. 



Since I accidentally went to bad site of translategoogle.com I wanted to find out edge security and I found that website. I did find it a year ago as well, it is a good website but it needs to be updated.

I found it on Bing.com serach
Also why is Location enabled on that site that I never allowed

@Deleted What exact phrase did you search to find it on Bing? I'm having some trouble reproducing this. (On the Location question, did you allow location for microsoft.com?)


Does this work for you?

For the microsoft.com, it shows it is on by default on everysingle site, does it only show in settings it is enabled if it starts using my location. That part needs to be more fixed up in the browser

Thanks for the link! You can leave feedback in Bing to let the team know that an answer is out of date or otherwise incorrect, I've done that here and suggest you do as well. 

Well it isn't really out of date since the Chrome extension still exists, I am just wondering if you are going to update that website with the lastest NSS WEb Browser REport
Maybe Edge team didn't make that page.
as far as I can see only the logo belongs to the Edge legacy,
Oh and by the way,
Austin cybersecurity firm NSS Labs shuts down


that's why their website wasn't loading:

Oh, no wonder the edge team removed the links to the NSS Lab reports.


Thanks for letting me know :)

Anytime :)