Option to rename custom added sites in New Tab page

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Hi, it would be nice to see the option to rename custom added sites in the NTP perhaps for better look or organization as it appears that links are only displayed as the sites' name. An example of this is as seen below. Maybe it can be added as a function from a right-click?

Annotation 2019-04-18 160140.png

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@zeroeightysix thank you for this suggestion.  I have sent it on to the folks who own the new tab page.


I also wish they would add the ability to have more sites on this page.  If it had more of the functionality of the SpeedDial2 add-on, I might stop using that and use the default NTP instead.  At least having more sites with custom names is critical for me to adopt it.  Other stuff like custom icons are just nice to haves.

@Elliot Kirk, Though we have this option now. Seems it only works when the page content is set to Microsoft News. In Office 365 the option(...) disappears :(