Option to remove search bar in new tab

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Having an option to hide the search bar from the new tab would make the new tab page much cleaner and simpler
And sometimes I want to catch a glimpse of the landscapes that are shown and the search bar is right in the middle of the imageimage.png


I believe it must be so

image (1).png


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There can be an option added in Custom area in the NTP settings for the users who don't need the search bar on the NTP. I don't use the search bar on the NTP because of the always highlighted address bar when you go to the New Tab Page so it would be good for me and any other user who only uses the address bar and wants to see more area of the New Tab Page background image.


If any user likes this suggestion, then please send it through the in-app feedback tool (Alt+Shift+I) in Microsoft Edge in order to give it a +1 to be a part of Microsoft Edge in the future.


Hello @TheShaunSaw 

The option to activate and deactivate would serve both worlds
For those who want the search bar and for those who want no bars
I believe it would be an excellent addition to the browser



I also requested this a few months ago so I would get closer to an Enterprise rollout. For my needs I discovered two workarounds, however it should be a simple option to Enable/Disable as requested.


1. There is a setting that makes it so any typing in the search box automatically puts the cursor up in the address bar. This is in Settings > Privacy and Services > Address Bar > Search on new tabs uses search box or address bar


This makes it so the search box is useless, however it's still there.


2. You can set the new tab page to be blank by setting a GPO called Configure the new tab page URL to about:blank.


This gets rid of everything however, including the wallpaper. Sorry, I can't find if it can be set in the GUI.



Hello everyone

I found an extension through a user on reddit

Tab.pics new page image.gif


This extension allows you to view only images on the new tab
This is just an alternative
I still want the search bar on the new tab to be optional

Ye but I want to use my picture so this doesn't work
Thanks HEAPS for link to tab.pics. I love seeing other people's/sites pics as I use my own exclusively for my screensaver (Check out Display Fusion from Binary Fortress btw) @pnmq103 What I love most about this is showing just a pic an NO news feeds, as much as I do like them ;). They become such a distraction though which I can't afford and now I'll use Edge more thanks to this as do like Edge.