Opening pdf in edge. It automatically save

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Hello Community

A lot of my coworkers open pdf's in microsoft edge. They use templates they open in edge, and use a touch screen to write stuff in it when they are teaching students.
When you close it, it usually ask if you want to save the pdf or close without saving.

However at one specific coworker, it automatically save the pdf.
It does not ask if you want to save the PDF.

What can I do?

Fun fact: It says here :

that there are no auto save. But my coworker prove this theory wrong.

I already tried the following steps as writting in this guide :


I tried to reset everything in microsoft edge.
I cant recreate his issue on my own PC. When I close edge, it just automatically close it without saving. I have to click save before it saves it.

I have been searching for over 5 hours to find an answer. The most commen issue i meet is "How to Make Microsoft Edge Download PDFs and Not Open Them" which is not related to my issue.

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