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Hi guys. Are there any plans to allow Infopath forms to be opened in the infopath client application? currently only Internet explorer allows this. Chromium does not. When you open an infopath filler form (not infopath web filler form), a message appears with a correlation ID. This is common when looking on the internet for a solution- although there is no solution for this issue.

To confirm, if the infopath form is set to open in a web browser, it works fine. However some features of infopath require the form to be loaded in the application. This is what doesn't work when using a browser other than IE, and it would be great if we could get this sorted.

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@Danp508 Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the MSFT Edge Insider community!


Unfortunately, since Infopath if fairly outdated, it won't work with most browsers, including the new version of Microsoft Edge. (After talking with one of our devs, they shared that the client application is fully out of support, which is probably why it's only opening on the web. Additionally, it's likely used IE-only tech like ActiveX, which is why you are having trouble opening it in other browsers.) You will likely have better luck with a more modern solution; if you'd like to learn more about what Office 365 can offer, feel free to check out their forum


Hopefully that helps!


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