Opening history menu is slow

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When I click the history icon, it often takes 2 or 3 seconds for history items to appear (remain grey when history is not loaded). It is very inefficient to wait for a few seconds before you can browse last few closed tabs.


(My laptop has decent CPU and SSD. ) 

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Every chromium panel (favourites, collection, history, side search) is slow and looks like this is a very old and serious problem with how the browser renders them. This explains that the chromium itself uses something like a context menu to display favourites but gives a little hope. It is unlikely that the situation will change unless only the developers have an ace up their sleeve and rewrite how these forms are rendering.

Same here, also decent hardware, it's not a power-hungry task anyway. please send a feedback through Edge browser (Ctrl + Shift + i) about this issue and from the feedback window go to attachments, recreate my problem and record how history button behaves.
Feedback sent.