Opening File:// links from within Edge Chromium

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Using file:// in IE11 we are able to open and edit and save documents directly without downloading it. Once we upgraded to Edge Chromium, Clicking on them does nothing. 


For Google Chrome we have installed ""  allowing us to open and edit and save documents directly without downloading it.


Is there any plugin or extension that we can install in Edge Chromium to be able to open and edit document directly from MS Edge. 


Version : Microsoft Edge (Version 87.0.664.60) -- This browser is made possible by the Chromium open source project and other open source software.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Chromium extensions install on Microsoft Edge.
I just installed that extension on my Edge browser.

@HotCakeX That is great!. Can you provide the steps to install ?

@HotCakeX Perfect. That worked. Thank you!

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Dans Firefox, il y a une configuration permettant d'ouvrir des fichiers de l'intranet, du réseau local et des lecteurs locaux.
J'aimerais bien que Microsoft propose une possibilité via GPO pour autoriser EDGE d'ouvrir les liens href=file:///L:/dossier/fichier.ext comme le fait IE.