Opening FDF (Forms Data Format) file in Edge.

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I have an application that deals with FDF files. Similar to PDF's but the extensions is FDF because it contains data. In Internet Explorer 11, when I would double click that file it would open up with no issues in Adobe Acrobat X.  Now that I am using Edge, if I double-click the FDF file, it just downloads it and does not open up in Acrobat X. Does EDGE now know what to do with the FDF file?

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FDF is an Adobe-specific file format, so since Edge can't natively open them, the only thing it can do is download it and call on the operating system's handler for the file type. Is it possible something changed in your operating system settings so that it no longer has a handler registered for FDF files?
Whilst true after a fashion, that really is nothing more than a lame excuse.
Yes, PDF was invented by Adobe, but it is a recognised open standard under ISO 32000-2. Working with from data is exceptionally useful and efficient, and it too is standardised in ISO 19444-1:2016.
Now that windows defaults to opening almost EVERYTHING in Edge, the user experience is, quite frankly, awful -- and many things simply won't work. I'm having to actively prevent my users from being able to use SharePoint and Edge for some of our work.
Not a helpful solution, but this is the 'work-around' that I use:
Don't store the PDF on SharePoint, keep it on an SMB network share.
As soon as I reference any http URL, Edge hijacks the process and breaks everything.
I don't think its adobe specific in the sense that I can open it up in Adobe, Chrome, IE, random PDF viewers, etc. It's a standard as mentioned by WhitePJ. I've changed the default application on windows to different programs and still no luck. At one point, using IE compatibility in EDGE was working as expected. But EDGE was updated and then it stopped working.

@WhitePJ  thank you for the reply!


Moving forward yes we are going to be moving the content to a different location. For now I need to find a solution for day-to-day for the users to access the content.  Unfortunately this seems like its going to require some form of customization. I was hoping Edge would just be able to handle the content!

That's the best justification I can give to the team:  if Chrome can do it, then there's no reason we shouldn't as well, so I'll ask them about it.