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It would be great if you were not forced to save a file in Chromium before opening.  With IE or Edge you could click on PDF, etc and have the option to Open whereby it would just download to a temp location and then open.  No need to save a file that you only need temporarily or save it after the fact.

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@jamiewdickson If you associate PDF files with the new browser in settings,

then it does display online PDF files as well as those in your file system in the new Edge.


Thank you for this suggestion, @jamiewdickson. I have let the owner of downloads know that there is demand for this behavior to return.
I want it in an external browser. I also want this option with EXE and other file types as well. Most of the time I don't care about the file after the fact just need it for a one time use so saving it somewhere to delete later is a pain.