Open Tabs Sync option is Back to "coming soon" state. stay tuned!

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Open Tabs Sync option is Back to "coming soon" state. stay tuned!


Starting with yesterday's Edge insider Canary update Version 80.0.315.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit), the Open Tabs Sync option is officially out of the controlled feature roll-out program, where it was only available to a select group of Edge insider users, But now it is available to Everyone in all Regions/Countries.


More Info:


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Open Tabs Syncing was first added around 2 Months ago (more or less) and during this 2 Months, Microsoft tested it a lot by enabling and limiting it only to a few people, doing experiments, fixing bugs and what not, now after all that time they decided to release it to everyone.


So now I assume it's time for the last 3 other missing Sync options to Enter the Controlled feature roll-out phase and possibly become stable few months later, and they include:


  • History Syncing
  • Extension Syncing
  • Collections Syncing


Enabling, Experimenting and Solidifying Sync options have proved to be very time consuming, actually the most time consuming features that are being added to this new Edge insider browser.


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@HotCakeX, as you have probably seen from our article on Synchronization, we are building the stack from the ground up.  It is taking us longer than we had though, but we are committed to getting the feature right before it leaves experimentation.  Thanks to all of you Insiders and your feedback, I feel like many of the sync features are really well built now.  Thanks - Elliot

Thank you, you guys are doing a great job!
the only issue that some of us are facing is the inconsistency in user data, (bookmarks, whether they are icon only or not, passwords, etc), when multiple browsers or devices are syncing to the same account. i think the sync engine's logic needs a little improvements in that area, as to which change in data it should distribute to other devices,
it should always get the latest and newest change in user data and sync it back to all other devices/browsers quickly. the speed of the sync is also important.

when a change in user data occurs in one of the devices (modification/deletion/addition), the browser should quickly sync it back to the Microsoft servers and also ping other connected devices and tell them "hey, something is changed, you guys should get updated" and so all other browsers will receive the changes in time.

I've experienced this issue myself and have seen it numerous times from other posts too. thanks

@Elliot Kirk Hi Team
So excited that Open Tab sync is now available for all of us, however I'm struggling with its implementation.


When clicking on History-Tabs from Other Devices, only four tabs show from other devices ever seem to show in the list. This makes it pretty useless as it just appears to be the last four tabs that were touched on another device, and no obvious way to access all the other tabs that might be open.


The whole reason we want open tab sync is so that we can easily access the whole browser session on another device, not some small arbitrary subset.


Am I doing something wrong or is this sync still buggy?

Please tell me this isn't the final chosen implementation 

now that you mentioned it, I just tested it and I'm seeing the same thing, im on canary channel

Sync has various problems at the moment. the stable version will come out in january 15th so maybe there is still time to fix it before that date

@HotCakeX I know that somewhere else you mentioned that Open Tabs Sync is coming soon, but I can't find it in any searches. This could totally be because I am unfamiliar with the forum, but could you tell me if you know of a timeline here for open tab sync? 

Hi, updated the title, it was made "coming soon" again few months ago after being turned on for a while, there is no date as to when it will be enabled again, I don't see it being on this list