Open Internet Explorer After Windows Update October 2023

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Fix Internet Explorer Open But Opens Microsoft Edge After Windows Update (October 2023)

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Don't do what the author of this post is suggesting.  Edge has an IE mode if needed for certain apps.


This is like asking for help on changing a tire, but instead of changing the tire, you suggest to pop the other three tires and drive on the rims.

In our company there are sites that do not work in iE mode edge that require actual iE to work.



Then I'd encourage you to open a support case with Microsoft, because you should be able to get it to work with Edge in IE Mode.  Using an unoffical hack will only lead you back to the same broken spot when Microsoft changes things again.  


They have been discussing this for many, many years, so it should not be a surprise to anyone.  I'm honestly surprised it was still working as long as it did.

Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ - Microsoft Community Hub

You probably don't understand the case.
We don't want to bring IE back because we think it was good browser or because we like to use EOL unsecure old crap.
We need bring IE back on Enterprise environments because (unfortunatelly) there's still A LOT of solutions (often CCTV or simillar) that relay on ActiveX and software supplier don't offer anything that can replace that.