Open external links in a new WINDOW not a new TAB

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Is there any way of getting external links (e.g. a hyperlink in an Outlook mail) to open in a new WINDOW instead of a new TAB by default?


When I go to close a window, I want to simply click in the top right corner of the screen, like I can for the vast majority of programs (or apps), including every other Microsoft program I use. I don't want to be able to close multiple windows (tabs) at the same time, and I don't want to have to find a tiny 'x' somewhere in the middle of the screen to close my current window (tab).


I want to be able to use Alt+Tab or WindowsKey+Tab to view and cycle through all my open windows, and not Ctrl+Tab where you can only cycle through in order, and without a preview, especially when I have half a dozen or more windows open.


I can't understand why this isn't already an option, like it was in IE, and like it is in most other browsers. Please don't tell me that I can open a new window by right clicking or holding Shift/Ctrl, because that is just devolution.


I've only recently been using the new Edge and I'm really impressed with it in every other way, but this one feature (or lack thereof) just ruins it for me. Firefox has its annoyances, but none are as frustrating as this, so I'll be sticking with that unless Microsoft changes Edge, or someone can find a fix.

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I would suggest you to also send this suggestion through the in-app feedback tool(Alt+Shift+I) in Microsoft Edge which will help the corresponding team to know about your suggestion. Other users who like this suggestion can also send it in the same way in order to give this suggestion a +1.