Open downloaded PDF files in Acrobat Reader

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After a quick search I can see that this has been discussed before:


Is there a way to stop Edge from opening downloaded PDFs in a new tab and to pass the file over to the system default application which is Acrobat Reader, please?

I get quite a few support calls from staff complaining that a PDF is not printing as expected, or Fill and Sign is not working as expected. These are always due to Edge opening a downloaded PDF file. If I ask them to Ctrl+J, hover over the downloaded file entry and open the folder, then open the PDF it opens in Acrobat Reader and everything works exactly as expected.

I cannot find out how to stop Edge from opening PDF files within a new tab and configure it to pass the file to Acrobat Reader. 

Can anyone help, please?

Thank you.

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And I had another query about this this morning. A member of staff was unable to print a downloaded PDF because the print dialog lacked the option to print on different sized pages (A4 and A3).
Come on! Stop stealing the association even when it has been set in the default program list. Geez!
I just had a member of staff contact me (and there will be others) asking for help reading PDF files that have been sent through by our HR Dept.
These files are health and safety documents relating to how to cope with the extreme heat conditions the UK will experience early next week. They detail dealing with heatstroke, heat exhaustion, how to stay cool, how to recognise the effects of heat in others and respond appropriately.
These documents contain vital potentially life-saving information. When downloaded Edge tries to open them with an error - Ooooops! They open fine in Adobe acrobat Reader DC.
Will you PLEASE stop this. Surely this is not difficult? Edge is a browser. Its PDF reading capabilities are, putting it politely, poor.