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Thanks for your feedback requesting the ability to have ongoing sync between Microsoft Edge and Chrome. 


While we recognize this need, we’re currently focused on creating great 1st party sync experiences with your Microsoft account and Work or School account. If you are a Chrome user today, you already have option available to import all your data from Chrome to have Microsoft Edge personalized with all your browsing data.


If you are still looking for ongoing sync between Microsoft Edge and Chrome, please share some more details about your scenario.

  1. Why would you like an ongoing sync between the two? What problem would it solve for you?
  2. Do you expect to leverage this ongoing sync only for a short period of time (for instance during initial assessment of Microsoft Edge) or for long period (continue to use multiple browsers)?
  3. How would the absence of this ability change your perspective on Microsoft Edge adoption?
  4. Would the creation of a Chrome extension fulfil your requirement?


We will keep you updated as we better understand the needs of our community.

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just wanted to say that if by any chance you decide to implement it, please choose the most secure way, i.e our data only stay in Microsoft servers and Not Google.


a module or extension to be added or removed from the browser at any time by the user sounds good BUT if in order for that said extension or module to work properly, you have to add Google services back to Edge, which you previously removed in the de-googling process of Chromium, please don't.

because that's one of the biggest reasons I'm using Edge canary and not using Chrome, you could even say that's the only reason. because the UI or engine aren't anything special, they can be found in other browsers such as Vivaldi, Opera, Yandex and they DO have beautiful interfaces, but they are owned by other companies and not Microsoft which I trust so that's why I'm not using them. if Microsoft Edge starts getting Google stuff again, it will be the time to find a different browser, most likely Firefox, which co-exists on my system with Edge since I have canary channel and it tends to be unstable sometimes.

Thank you!

> extension or module to work properly, you have to add Google services back to Edge
on the contrary, they're going to add Microsoft services to Chrome through the extension
No, please don't I don't wanna have google stuff on my edge, That's the worst thing which could happen to edge. If those who wanna stay google, they can stay on chrome, but that would be horrible thing for edge users if you guys added google services to it. I'm 1000% in support of HotCakeX for his reply too. Just don't add it. It's not worth it.


I understand that a few users might need this syncing feature. However, I'm sure most of us would agree that the number of such users won't be many. On the contrary, many of us do not want any kind of Google's services incorporated in Microsoft Edge browser.


If users still want such features, third party extensions (like Pocket for example) can step in. Users can sign in to these extensions (available across both, Chrome and Edge) with a common account and get their sync. 

This what what online accounts are meant for. This is what extensions are meant for: to add the features in a browser that only a few people want. If such features are in-built, we call them "bloatware". And Microsoft Edge browser bloated with Google's services? No thanks.


Hence, I'm convinced and strongly suggest that a Chrome extension would be the best option, and that too only if it's absolutely necessary to implement such a feature. 


I agree that Microsoft must focus on improving sync with first party services. Edge is available on all major platforms. Hence, sync between Edge and Chrome will only hamper the adoption of Edge. 



Personally speaking , I don't see much value in sync with Google Account and if we do, then user will ask about how about Apple account and then how about... account and there would be loop of supporting others while there is need to do more for Microsoft Account.

However, I believe it could be interesting if there is some sort of cloud migration tools instead of sync profile. How it works, is user login with Microsoft Account and select retrieve data from Google Chrome and sign in with Google Chrome Account and then it retrieves these data from Google Cloud (the one are related to Google Chrome) to Microsoft Account and once it is done, the service automatically sign out from Google Account.

This is good let say for scenario like I bought new PC and it only has Microsoft Edge and I have my Google Account favorites in Google Chrome at work and I need to install Google Chrome and sync to get my data and then import them in Microsoft Edge and uninstall Google Chrome. This way, I directly get all my data without having to install Google Chrome once.

I remember, once I moved all of Gmail's email to using feature in to import emails and I did it once (it won't sync with Gmail) but user decided to completely using and has all Gmail's email there.
I say it is just another way Google is trying to get its claws into Edge. They were not successful in any other attempts at it so now lets try this way... I say Keep them OUT!!




@msekmfb1 wrote:
> extension or module to work properly, you have to add Google services back to Edge
on the contrary, they're going to add Microsoft services to Chrome through the extension

Yes that's not a good idea

@akhator This is the WORST idea out of all Discussions going on.

This could easily make many edge users switch to (Firefox | Edge Legacy | some other browser not chrome)

I don't really like that idea. Just because Edge is switching to Chromium doesn't mean that they need to merge any further. Edge should remain Edge, not an Edge and Chrome hybrid. It just runs on Chromium, Edge should not associate with Google Chrome.

I really don't want the Edge we know to get lost in it's original purpose in this upgrade. If people want google Chrome features, then they should just use Chrome, not force Edge users upon a Chrome clone. Edge is special. It is a safe Microsoft browser. Leave Edge as Edge. Leave Google out of this. I really don't want to have to abandon Edge after all these years because of a great mistake.

@hussain5416 Why are all these kooks relating Internet Explorer to Chrome?


Thank for your listening

I've used chrome for years. Besides, I use android os which have chrome mobile. However, when Edge was released, I see many good feedback and I want to use Edge for short time at first (then I will consider to use it longer). And because I still use chrome in android mobile phone, I really want resync from Edge to chrome so that I can use the bookmark, auto fill, payments between all browsers. I also try some other chronium browser, It can sync very good between devices. 

Please consider this function for Edge. Thank so much



Edge has Edge mobile too. it uses the same engine and chrome.
just because Android force installs Chrome on every device doesn't mean we are locked and force to use it, we can disable it and use any other browser we want.

Also why Google shouldn't add Microsoft Edge sync support to their Chrome browser ??!

@akhator Stay with your game plan to make Edge work flawlessly with our Microsoft account and other MS features and tools. Spend the time and resources on features that make Edge unique from Google Chrome. Work on making it the gold standard for other browsers to shot for. Also work on making it a top notch browser for all the other operating system. Making an extension for Chrome to make pulling in users info into Edge maybe a good idea but don't bake the function into Edge. If people really want this so badly maybe they should go to Google and have them develop it into Chrome. 

@akhator I need simply because I use Google Chrome on my android phone. It is my go-to default browser for all my android devices and I'm not yet planning to replace it. 

On my desktop and laptops, however, I have decided to give Edge Chromium a try and have been enjoying it lately as my daily driver.

A complete browser-sync (bookmarks, history, password management, etc) would be a great deal for me and it might be the biggest factor I will need to consider if I'm staying with Edge Chromium or go back to Google Chrome.

This is a must-have feature.

Looks like most users want the sync because Edge on Android is apparently not good enough for them to use?

so instead of implementing a sync, why not improve Edge Android/IOS to meet users needs?

I plead that you don't go through with this. Please just try to make Edge special, and make features that set it apart from other browsers. There are many other Chromium browsers out there that don't associate with Google Chrome, so why should Edge. Leave Chrome and Edge separate. I don't want Edge becoming too similar to Chrome. Edge is Edge, Chrome is Chrome, let it stay that way. This is the only feature that I don't like and don't want to come to the new Edge. And with it being the only feature I don't like, I have very strong feelings against the ongoing sync. I know many people who came from using Edge legacy don't want this. Edge isn't Chrome, deal with it. I don't want Edge to lose sight of everything it stands for. It is a Microsoft (not Microsoft and Google) browser, that has great safety and privacy features. Now Edge is better than ever (at least when set aside tabs, mark up page, and tab previewing is included). Please just leave Google out of this. Not all Chromium browsers have to blend edges with each other. Leave Edge and Chrome as separate things, don't blend the edge between the two.

Is it really all that hard to add bookmarks and stuff from Chrome to Edge manually? Why do you need to have Edge do it for you? There are many people that don't particularly like Chrome and don't want google services added back to Edge. Why do Chrome users have to be so selfish and have this added? There are other people that use Edge too, like people that originally used Edge. Leave Microsoft Edge as just Microsoft Edge please. Keep Google out.


I'm curious if an extension can be built to truly sync users favorites, history, passwords etc. across the browsers without building in Googles hooks into the Edge browser its self. If there is a way to build an extension like this it seems this would be the way to go. This would I think leave people distance them selves from Googles info collection myself included but also enable people that work with both browsers to keep their info in sync.


Forgive me if this is a totally dumb comment. I really have no idea of what functions, permissions, or integrations are needed for an extension like this to work and I'm curious if this is something that can be done.

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