Ongoing sync between Microsoft Edge and Chrome - Discussion

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Thanks for your feedback requesting the ability to have ongoing sync between Microsoft Edge and Chrome. 


While we recognize this need, we’re currently focused on creating great 1st party sync experiences with your Microsoft account and Work or School account. If you are a Chrome user today, you already have option available to import all your data from Chrome to have Microsoft Edge personalized with all your browsing data.


If you are still looking for ongoing sync between Microsoft Edge and Chrome, please share some more details about your scenario.

  1. Why would you like an ongoing sync between the two? What problem would it solve for you?
  2. Do you expect to leverage this ongoing sync only for a short period of time (for instance during initial assessment of Microsoft Edge) or for long period (continue to use multiple browsers)?
  3. How would the absence of this ability change your perspective on Microsoft Edge adoption?
  4. Would the creation of a Chrome extension fulfil your requirement?


We will keep you updated as we better understand the needs of our community.

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Yeah, probably that. It can't be edge it must be the website developers

What if Android just lets peopel choose the default brwoser to be preinstalled or a way to jsut remove chorme. 


yeah it sucks I can only disable chrome on Android, or on IOS disable (maybe?) and not entirely uninstall and remove the files, unless you jailbreak or root the phones.

@Keith Davis 

Tell that to google and ask them why they don't allow Microsoft sign in support to their chrome browser. would love to hear their response. 



That's just great. Use the failings of one company to justify another doing wrong thing.

@Keith Davis 

Oh it's not failing, it's good decision making. doing that will only help chrome's already huge user base.

there is absolutely no point in using chrome when Edge is available with all these features.


someone says they are using chromebook and they can't use Edge on it. well whose fault is that?


someone decides that they wanna use chrome. cool ok. but then expect Microsoft to boost chrome's user base by allowing cross sync between browsers. that is just absurd.



Good for who? The company, yes, but that I meant it's not good for the users.

@Keith Davis 

yeah, obviously good for company.

if chrome wasn't good for Google, they wouldn't maintain it or even release it.


but it's also good for people, connecting everything together and letting m 3rd party companies access user data is not good in terms of security.


the only reason chrome has 70% market share and Edge has 2% is that chrome started earlier and now people are used to it, every day. having cross sync does not change that, it only boosts chrome's user base.




Well, there you and I disagree - I'm willing to trade off some security for a more open environment.

That's not openness.
that's your own personal decision not wanting to use Edge. so there is nothing to disagree on.
Edge is already open to all mobile devices and desktop operation systems. that's called openness. not limiting it to Windows OS.

What? You can't tell me what I mean by what I say.  Just because we disagree, does not make you right. 



I didn't even say that I don't want to use Edge - I want the ability to move between both easily. I don't want to have "pick sides" (or pick browsers).

You can't tell me we disagree either.
So don't pick sides, use both.
without causing security issues for others.



Security is not everything.

Maybe not for you.



Security is always a tradeoff. The only way to 100% secure your computer is to do something ridiculous like to lock it in safe and drop it to the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean. However, that would also make it completely unusable. So we always back of 100% security to some acceptable level. Apparently, your acceptable level is much more secure than mine (and most users, mind you, as I'm always having to convince non-technical users why a particular level of security is more important, even if it's not convenient).

You can tell the same thing to google and see what they respond ^^



That does not make Google right.