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I am a bit confused as to why I am not seeing the OneNote extension for Dev Edge. Where is it? I see other developers, such as LastPass and Evernote, but not OneNote. Isn't that odd given the fact this is your very own browser? Am I missing something. I sure hope so. I use it daily and printing to ON is not the same as capturing with extension. 

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@Nancy Jatcko Are you referring to the OneNote Web Clipper extension? If so, you should be able to install it from here: after you open edge://extensions/ and enable loading extensions from other stores


I will also make sure that we reach out to the OneNote team and have them add it to the Microsoft store.

@Nancy Jatcko & @Elliot Kirk did that functionality ever make it to the legacy Edge? I know it existed in IE as a right click option on a page and then "Send to OneNote" which was very useful. Looked for this on legacy Edge and couldn't find it, did the same in Chromium Edge and it isn't their either.


An extension exists for legacy Edge that is a snipping tool, or you can install an app that from the app store that locates itself in the "Share to..." destination but these look like shortcuts to print the page rather than the more advanced functionality available in the Send to OneNote we had in IE

@Paul Bendall If OneNote is installed on Windows 10 then you should have an option to use the Share icon in legacy Edge and send information to OneNote via that functioonality. 

@Richard Hay - True; but the functionality isn't the same as it was in IE which, in my opinion, is the best experience. However, it isn't available in Chromium Edge nor for full OneNote 2016, all you can do is Print to OneNote which is an image, doesn't carry across the article title, etc.

@Paul Bendall Yeah I am anxiously awaiting that Share option to land in Edge Chromium myself. I am a pure OneNote for Windows 10 user (UWP app) so the Share icon drops in the title of the title of the article linked and its summary/content.


I then copy out the linked article title for my Show Notes for the Observed Tech PODCAST and then subsequently use that to build out my entire Show Notes blog post. Saves a lot of time and steps.


Of course, each of us tends to have our own unique workflows with all of this stuff.  I have tried the OneNote Clipper - it just doesn't give me rich content on the OneNote side to make it useful IMHO.


Hope it all gets sorted and made available to not lose that past functionality we have grown used to.

@Richard Hay it feels a bit disjointed and very much work in progress. I get the brave new world of minimum viable product but would like to see circling back to build out the rest of the missing functionality. Send to Onenote in Outlook and IE worked well, especially if you are trying to follow GTD productivity principles. Since then we've got into a bit of a mess with different browsers, UWP apps and paid for Office apps

@Paul Bendall 


Could you describe Send to OneNote feature scope in IE? I use OneNote 2016 a lot, but I suspect in a way that is not possible to implement as a browser feature. For example, if I research a problem on the web and found a few useful webpages, i likely put a few own words (solutions) linked to each webpage in the "Problem" OneNote section. Its not a direct transfer, but rather a processed short solution that is left as a note.


Its similar with references to apps or events, where each app has a dedicated paragraph in a certain OneNote notebook, with multiple links, and troubleshooting & hints notes from multiple sources. So for me OneNote is an intelligent notes database rather than a copy & paste notepad. How would one implement that as a browser feature?

Still haven't seen the clip to OneNote extension in the Microsoft Store. It's almost August.

I would love to see more onenote integration and features built natively in to this browser. I am now a heavy user and really the extension that is the chrome store. I hope this happens.