One "New Tab" opening in exess

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I have 5 URLs specified to open in the "At startup" settings. They open correctly. But in addition, a "New Tab" always opens as the first one. Can someone tell me whie seetin I got wrong? Or what else could cause this? Support is appreciated.  

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which Edge channel/version are you using?


I'm on Edge canary Version 83.0.478.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

and I'm not getting an extra new tab page on start up.







Hi HotCakeX


Thanks for coming back to me. See attached. 

And I  just received a new Dev update this morning. But the problem existed already since about 4-5 weeks, cannot tell exactly.

Thanks for the screenshot :)
could you try a few things to try to find the source of the problem?

try do temporarily disable all of your extensions: edge://extensions/
restart the browser and check if the problem still exists

Hi HotCakeX
after disabling the externsions and a simple restart the issue still existed. I then cleared the cache (and only the cache), restarted again and it was good. I re-enabled the extensions, and it was still good. Hope it holds.......if you don't hear anymore it's fine........ Stupid me, could have thought about the cache myself...... Thanks for support. :)
Stay safe!
Oh hah that's great :) I was actually going to suggest it after you would say extensions didn't fix it XD hopefully it was a one time thing, have a nice day and stay safe as well!