Once you use Edge Dev to search, then the browser will crash

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With Edge Dev version 126.0.2578.1, the browser crashes when searching with Bing on the browser's home page or address bar, but it doesn't happen when visiting some other websites, such as BiliBili. And for some reason, on my computer I also crash when I open account.microsoft.com with Edge Dev.


Since I am not familiar with English, I wrote this article using the machine translation service provided by Microsoft, so please forgive me if there are grammatical errors.

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I have the same issue on my system.
same as well, really annoying

how did you solve?


I turned off the insider version from "edge settings" and switched to the normal version. The problem is fixed for now.

I can only hope that the programmers will fix this soon, and for now I'm switching back to the normal version of Edge.