On-Screen Keyboard in Tablet Mode

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Anyone else using the new Edge in tablet mode on a Surface?


On my SP4, if I use the on-screen keyboard to type something into a page (e.g. a search), when the keyboard disappears after I submit my text, I'm left with what I can only describe as "half a page". The keyboard slides off the screen but the lower half of the browser turns white and no longer forms part of the scrollable area. It only affects the active page - other tabs are unaffected - but there's no way to get back that scrollable area on the affected page. Even refreshing doesn't work. Right now my only recourses is to duplicate the tab and close it.


Anyone else seeing this?

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Hello Mabster, 

this is a general Chromium bug, affecting all chrome-based browsers using newer engines, since the Chrome team changed the type of invoking the virtual keyboard about 3 months ago. 


There's already a fix for it, merged into Google Chrome Dev and Canary, see

so within a few days it will also be fixed in Edge Chromium with one of the next updates. 


You can check for the Chrome engine by typing edge://version/ and then go to User-Agent. 

The fixed version is Chrome/81.0.4044.0 or higher for Edge Dev and Canary. 


Unfortunately there's no fix for Edge Beta (using Chrome engine by now, because the Google Chrome team is still discussing if it makes sense to merge the fix into #80 (see the latest posts on the above link).


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Thanks @Neon01 for a very thorough explanation! :)